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Ease Your Payments Risks​

International companies and institutions that trade commodities, bank instruments, or provide services need reliable partners. Payments including fees and commissions must be handled safely and on time worldwide. Legal requirements, Corporate Governance, and international compliance needs and regulations must be observed and taken into account carefully.

RMG Fiduciary & Trust offers Paymaster Services as part of its comprehensive range of trust services. Paymaster Services involve acting as an independent third party to facilitate the secure and efficient handling of financial transactions, typically in commercial or investment transactions.

We are RMG CAPITAL GROUP STAT. TRUST, a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), and Investment Company provide a broad range of Financial Services as Fiduciary and Trust Operations Services to Investors, Entrepreneurs, and their Businesses, Institutions, and Investment banks, for Wealth and Assets Management, Traditional and Alternative Investment, Custodial & Depositary, Corporate & Trade.


As a Paymaster, RMG Capital Group Stat. Trust provides the following services:

Secure Fund Transfers: We facilitate the transfer of funds between parties involved in a transaction, ensuring the secure and timely movement of funds according to the agreed-upon terms.

Escrow & Depository Services: We hold funds in Trust and release them based on the predetermined conditions specified in the transaction agreement. This provides assurance to all parties involved that funds will be disbursed appropriately.

Transaction Monitoring: We monitor the transaction process to ensure compliance with the agreed-upon terms and conditions, including the verification of documents, approvals, and other requirements.

Record-Keeping and Reporting: We maintain accurate records of all financial transactions and provide regular reports to the parties involved, ensuring transparency and accountability.

By utilizing our Paymaster Services, you can benefit from:

Enhanced Security: We ensure that funds are held and transferred securely, minimizing the risk of fraud or unauthorized access.

Efficiency: Our streamlined processes and experienced team facilitate smooth and prompt financial transactions, reducing delays and administrative burdens.

Trust and Independence: As an independent third party, we act impartially, providing confidence and peace of mind to all parties involved in the transaction.

Compliance and Transparency: We adhere to regulatory requirements and maintain proper documentation and reporting, ensuring transparency throughout the transaction process.

Whether you are involved in mergers and acquisitions, international trade, project financing, or other complex transactions, RMG Fiduciary & Trust’s Paymaster Services can help facilitate the financial aspects of the transaction with professionalism and reliability.

Please note that specific terms and conditions may vary based on the nature and complexity of the transaction. It is recommended to consult with our team to discuss your specific requirements and tailor the services accordingly.


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