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Securitization & Issuance Asset: Securitization is a financial process where assets with cash flow potential, such as loans, mortgages, or receivables, are pooled together and converted into tradable securities. These securities are then sold to investors. Securitization allows financial institutions to transform illiquid assets into marketable instruments, which can help in raising capital and managing risk.

Issuance asset, on the other hand, refers to a financial instrument or security that is created and offered for sale in the financial markets. It can include bonds, stocks, certificates of deposit, and more. The process of issuing these assets involves structuring their terms, pricing, and features, making them attractive to potential investors.

The connection between securitization and issuance assets lies in the fact that securitization leads to the creation of issuance assets. When assets are securitized, they are packaged into securities that become issuance assets. For instance, US Treasury-backed securities are created through securitization, and these STN/MTN are issuance assets that investors can buy and trade.

Trade Solutions: Trade solutions encompass a range of financial products and services designed to facilitate international trade transactions. They aim to streamline trade processes, manage risks, and enhance efficiency for businesses engaged in cross-border trade.

Trade solutions can include trade finance, which provides funding for import and export transactions, supply chain finance to optimize working capital in supply chains, trade insurance to mitigate trade-related risks, and foreign exchange services to manage currency fluctuations in global trade.

In summary, securitization involves transforming assets into securities that can become issuance assets, while trade solutions are financial tools and services that support international trade operations. The relationship between these concepts lies in their contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial and trade sectors.


Securitization & Issuance Asset | Trade Solutions

Type of Issuance: Licensing | Deferred Purchase | Purchase

Bank Instruments:

- Bank Guarantee (BG)
- Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
- Certificate of Deposit (CDs)
- Blocked Funds

Securities & Bonds:

- U.S Treasury (Bill/Note)
* The service from 10M and above.
- RMGs ESG Short-Term Notes (STN) – cashed back with assets back
(US Treasury, MTNs, SBLCs, Bank Aval, Gov Bonds, etc.) (Reg D, Reg S)
* Service from 1M and above.
- Projects Securitization & Issuance Asset, Private & Public Placements.
(Reg S - Israeli, Luxembourg, Vienna, Ireland Stock Exchange, 144A with DTC Eligibility)
* The service from 100M and above.

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