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The worldwide funding markets

The financial world is getting smaller, however, the demands for transparency and regulatory compliance growing, and the underwriting with the analysis, and the feasibilities for due diligence under the compliance department rule getting tougher.

Accordingly, the syndication agreements between the RMG and Investment Banks and Institutions have an increasing need to generate quality data that feeds the risk management and the funding/investment policy. Therefore, the fund is then tasked to utilize that data to benchmark investments, identify the early-warning signs that may take unnecessary risk, and on the other hand, find opportunities with a strong potential for growth and profits.


Our solutions are suitable for funding

Our solutions are suitable to fund and project managers across many strategies and financial structures, ranging from middle market companies (from business turnover 10 million to 500 million) to huge companies with a good portfolio, mergers and acquisitions, trade companies, import and export, manufacture and industry, projects in energy, infrastructure, real estate, and more.

RMG’s team of financial engineering departments encompasses all aspects of your personal and business finances, ensuring everything works harmoniously. To reach your life goals for today and future generations we need to design a strategy.

Credit Enhancement Structured Programs

Credit enhancement plays a significant role in projects by providing additional assurance to investors and lenders regarding the creditworthiness and risk profile of the project. It aims to strengthen the credit quality of the project and improve its ability to attract funding on favorable terms. Here are some keyways credit enhancements contribute to businesses/ventures/projects:


Increased Investor Confidence: Credit enhancement measures, such as guarantees, insurance, or financial collateral, instill confidence in investors by mitigating credit risks associated with the project. It helps attract a broader pool of investors, including those with risk-averse preferences.

Lower Financing Costs: With credit enhancement, projects can access financing at lower interest rates and favorable terms. The improved credit profile reduces the perceived risk for lenders, resulting in reduced financing costs, which ultimately enhances the project’s financial viability.

Expanded Funding Opportunities: Credit enhancement widens the range of funding sources available to projects. It helps attract institutional investors, impact investors, and lenders who may have specific requirements for credit enhancement to align with their risk appetite and the objectives of the project.

Facilitates Bond Issuance: Credit enhancement mechanisms such as bond insurance or guarantees can enhance the credit rating of project bonds, making them more attractive to investors. This can lead to increased demand and liquidity for the bonds in the market.

Accelerates Project Development: By mitigating credit risks, credit enhancement can expedite the project development process. It reduces delays in securing financing and enhances the project’s overall bankability, enabling it to move forward more efficiently.

Supports Stakeholder Engagement: Credit enhancement demonstrates the commitment of the project sponsors to manage risks and protect the interests of stakeholders, including investors, lenders, and local communities. It enhances transparency and accountability, aligning with the principles of good corporate governance initiatives.

Enhances Long-Term Viability: Credit enhancement measures focus on improving the financial stability and creditworthiness of projects. This supports their long-term viability by ensuring the project’s ability to generate sustainable returns and meet financial obligations over the project’s lifecycle.

Overall, credit enhancement serves as a risk management tool for projects, fostering investor confidence, enabling access to favorable financing, and supporting the sustainable development and success of such initiatives.


Credit Enhancement Structured Programs

Product & Services


RMGs products and services in the field of Credit Enhancement Structured Programs, which is divided into two areas, one is Issuance Assets and Instruments, and the other provides collateral loans backed by assets and instruments rated BBB and above.

Securitization & Issuance Asset | Trade Solutions

Credit enhancement is a strategy for improving the credit risk profile of a business, usually to obtain better terms for repaying debt.

Collateralized (Instruments & Securities) Loans

Collateralization is the use of a valuable asset as collateral to secure a loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender may seize and sell the assets to offset their loss.

Leverage Debt Structured Programs

Project And Ventures Funding

Utilizing a wide range of tools and financial instruments to earn credit at our disposal, both modern and traditional, it becomes possible to develop sophisticated financial structures as well as to fund large and complex projects on a worldwide basis. We equally can accommodate large and small projects. The most common funding applications for businesses are working capital, cash flow, utilization of financial assets/securities, expanding the business, projects, and ventures, and bridging loans.

Programs are designed for investors, entrepreneurs/developers, and Project/Business owners who are interested to enter to secure leverage funds for project funding and/or business activity, we are engineering the transition structure of the financial needs in accordance with the client’s needs, with financial instruments available for utilization in order to reach and maximize the desired result.


RMGs Underwriting and Analysis team has extensive experience

These projects are reflected in the integration benefits in connection with global markets. As a result of this activity, and particularly knowledge and relationships built up, RMG Capital has a large number of options to provide a financial solution in the private sector, business, and developing international markets and actually serves as a one-stop-shop when it comes to the subject of complex international finance.

Source of Funds: Nostro, Accredited investor, HNWI, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Family Offices, and Financial institutions around the world.

Eventually, each and every project is estimated individually customized Funding structure, designed to meet the various unique criteria to match each project. Working with our funds and private equity partners, we can offer our clients a complete project financing package, customized by the needs and requirements of the project itself and the goals of the board.

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