Fiduciary & Trust Services


Ease Your Fiduciary & Trust Risks

RMG’s Fiduciary Services lets you focus on your business by helping to mitigate fiduciary risk and the responsibility that comes with building financial plan lineups. Our presence in New York, USA thru our representative office, gives us access to the top worldwide banks and financial institutions.

We are RMG CAPITAL GROUP STAT. TRUST, a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), and Investment Company provide a broad range of Financial Services as Fiduciary and Trust Operations Services to Investors, Entrepreneurs, and their Businesses, Institutions, and Investment banks, for Wealth and Assets Management, Traditional and Alternative Investment, Custodial & Depositary, Corporate & Trade.


Fiduciary & Trust Services

Payments Services

opt for our Payment Services, an essential part of our comprehensive fiduciary solutions. By utilizing our Payments/Paymaster services, you leverage the expertise of an independent third party, minimizing risks and guaranteeing the safe and seamless handling of financial transactions.

Depository and Custodial Services

Take advantage of our Depository & Custodian Services to safeguard both financial and non-financial assets. Entrusted to the oversight of a reputable financial institution, your assets are securely held, guaranteeing their protection and preservation.

Investment Portfolio Management

Encompassing capital and wealth/asset management, the construction of structured products, commodities, credit enhancement, alternative investments, bonds, Instruments, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and ETFs.

TDCA Services

In the realm of commercial transactions, security, and trust are paramount. That's where Trust Deposit Account Control Agreements (TDCAs) step in as powerful tools, offering a robust framework for safeguarding transactions involving commodities and goods.

Fiduciary Operation Account Service

A Fiduciary Operation Account is a type of account managed by a fiduciary, on behalf of a beneficiary. In such accounts, the fiduciary holds and manages assets in accordance with the terms of a depository agreement.

Trust Administration Services

Fiduciaries manage trusts established by individuals or entities to hold assets and distribute them according to specified terms. Trust administration involves record-keeping, investment management, tax reporting, and distribution of assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the trust agreement.

Exchange 1031

A 1031 exchange is an IRS-recognized tax deferral strategy that allows an investor to sell an investment property and acquire a similar property with the intent to defer capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes.

Funding and Leverage Services

Funding and leverage services refer to financial mechanisms and arrangements that enable individuals, businesses, or institutions to access capital or leverage their existing assets to finance various activities, investments, or operations.

Global Commodity Trade Operation

Global commodity trade operation refers to the Fiduciary Operation for buying, selling, and exchanging physical commodities, which includes banking, funding and finance, instruments, and trade solutions.

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