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RMG Capital Group and its affiliates, including RMG Capital Group Stat. Trust, RMG Financial Management, LLC, RMG Strategic Securities, LLC, and RMG Commodity Strategic, INC (hereinafter collectively referred to as “RMG” and/or the “Fund Manager”), are integral parts of the Global Financial Consortium, with headquarters in New York, USA, and Tel Aviv, Israel. As a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and Investment Company, RMG is a private, regulated entity offering comprehensive Assets & Investment Management services to local and international companies and investors, including High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), Accredited & Sophisticated Investors, Families, Foundations, and Institutions.

RMG excels in designing and underwriting structured solutions by leveraging unique methodologies and diverse strategies to utilize global Credit Enhancement Assets and operational platforms primarily for the commodity trade industry. As a one-stop shop, RMG provides a wide range of services, including fiduciary & trust services, credit derivatives, complex financing, private placements, and public issuance for holders of fixed incomes. Our offerings extend to Assets Management, mutual funds, ETFs, investment portfolio management, financing of assets and financial instruments, project financing, and equity leverage, including mergers and acquisitions, business expansion, and debt reorganization.

Through these specialized services, RMG is dedicated to delivering tailored financial solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring optimal outcomes and sustained growth in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Corporate Governance

Our approach to governance This framework is focused on the Growth and Innovation of RMG to assist in successfully meeting its strategic objectives and maintaining steady growth whilst remaining fully cognizant of our client’s, and Investor’s interests. provides an overview of the corporate governance structures, principles, policies, and practices of the Board of Directors (the board) of RMG Capital Group Stat. Trust (RMG), which together enable RMG to meet governance expectations of Delaware Statutory Trust Act (DSTA), and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We are committed to high standards of governance that are consistent with regulatory expectations and evolving best practices and are aligned with our strategy and risk appetite. We believe that good governance is not just about overseeing RMG and its practices but doing so in a way that is transparent, accountable, and ethical. RMG’s corporate governance system is subject to ongoing review, assessment, and improvement. The board proactively adopts governance policies and practices designed to align the interests of the board and management with those of shareholders and principals and to promote the highest standards of ethical behavior and risk management at every level of the organization. RMG practices are consistent with Bank Act requirements And Regulations, the DSTA Corporate Governance Guideline, the SEC’s Guideline, and applicable SEC rules. RMG believes that compliance with corporate governance principles enhances its value by providing a suitable framework for the Board of Directors, board committees, and executive management to perform their duties in a manner that serves the interests of the Company. RMG strives to achieve the highest levels of transparency, accountability, and management by adopting and executing strategies, goals, and policies that are aimed at complying with the company’s regulatory and supervisory responsibilities.


RMG's Vision

RMG manages all types of funds and assets, both for investments and financing business/projects with an emphasis on international trade, and credit derivatives.

RMG’s vision is to help, create prosperity and economic growth, be a financial house for excellence, have effective financial management, be enterprising and groundbreaking, inspiration for investors, leave organizations in a better position than we met, act out of a desire to bring high value to customers. Our ambitions, as stated, are to develop and promote, contribute to increasing the knowledge and awareness of the international finance and insurance industry and provide a diverse and innovative service package, tailored to its needs, all the way to success.


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Assets & Investments Management, Alternative Investment, Investments Portfolio Management, Leverage Debt, Credit Enhancement, Commodty Programs, Private Placements, and more.

Winning In Any Market Conditions.

Our ambitions, are to develop and promote, and contribute to increasing knowledge and awareness in the field of international finance with an emphasis on investment, people first. Our focus is on helping organizations, investors/companies in a better position than we have encountered, our team, and our team to achieve their goals.

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The Investment is intended solely for Accredited Investors, Institutional, and Sophisticated Investors. E&OE

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The information contained in this presentation is for convenience only, the presentation is a summary and does not exhaust the full data about RMG Capital Group and/or RMG Capital Group Stat. Trust and/or RMG Financial Management, LLC and/or RMG Strategic Securities, LLC and/or RMG Commodity Strategic, INC (hereinafter: the “Fund Manager” and/or “RMG”), the presentation does not replace the need to review the company’s reports and publications, the periodic reports of The company are intended for qualified investors only, as far as published by the Fund. It is clarified that in the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the information specified in this presentation and the information appearing in the Fund’s publications and reports, what is stated in the Fund’s reports will prevail. 

The presentation includes information and data based in part on the Fund’s estimates and assessments. Therefore, they should be treated with due care. 

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